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Tri-Cura (Federal Student Loan Collection Agency)

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Topic: Tri-Cura (Federal Student Loan Collection Agency)
Posted By: 00Debbie00
Subject: Tri-Cura (Federal Student Loan Collection Agency)
Date Posted: 01/September/2010 at 6:31am
As most of you know when you place a call to the NSLSC (National Student Loan Service Center) 1-888-815-4514 the system asks you to put in your Sin#.  At this point if you have a previous student loan in repayment or tax relief then the automated system promptly directs your call to Tri-Cura.  However, if you simply press the # button twice you will be directed to the NSL Service Center.
It is this redirecting to Tri-Cura that has caused me considerable grief.  They are one of THE most incomptent agencies I have had the misfortune to deal with.  I have had a repeat of the following events for more than a year now .....
- the service center gives misleading or false information
- the service center omits important information
- the service center loses faxes and other paperwork repeatedly
- the service center does not record accurate information from telephone calls on their system
- the service center has reported inaccurate information on my credit history
- the service center has failed to send out vital documentation in a timely and efficient manner
I can not express the stress and frustration that they have caused me.  Since the Government has awarded them the contract I feel that this agency has become compliant in their dealings with student loan borrowers, failing to meet certain standards.
I would like this post to reflect the many individuals such as myself that have experienced such preventable and unnecessary complications with their student loans - so please, add your name to this list if you feel that Tri-Cura has reached a level of imcompetence as I have described above.  :)

Posted By: tbeals
Date Posted: 06/November/2010 at 11:37am
Why oh why did I not read this a long time ago? I cannot put into words the frustration that I am experiencing applying for the RAP. Every time I call I put in my SIN and I get instantly forwarded. The people on the other end are all completely useless. Every time I call they tell me that my application will be processed in 2 business days. This process began July 2, 2010. Today is November 6, 2010. Still no resolution. 
I felt like the last person I talked to knew what she was talking about, and it seemed that something might actually happen, but still no approval or denial, and it's a week later. The time before last, the person on the phone refused to transfer me to a supervisor, because "they are only going to tell you the same thing I told you."
I will certainly be calling again on Monday, and I'll try the ## trick, and see if I get someone who knows what they're talking about.

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 08/November/2010 at 2:47am
Sorry to hear about your difficulties tbeals .....
Here are the numbers for the esscalations department of Tri-Cura.  They are the ones with the power to expedite your problem.  Good luck!  :)
Tel:  1-866-788-0388
Fax: 1-888-844-8244

Posted By: SolveStudentDebt
Date Posted: 08/November/2010 at 3:10am
This is a very important thread! If any of you need help with these matters The CFW Group has a service that addresses these problems.

Solve Student Debt specializes in solutions for students and graduates in student loan default, and those at risk of defaulting." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Fed-Up
Date Posted: 08/November/2010 at 9:35am
WHY in your right mind would you input your SIN # to be forwarded? There needs to be a way that if you press * or "0" you are directed to a live person. I have spoken to numerous agencies including the CRA and NSLC and not once have I given them my SIN#. They have confirmed it was me over the phone by other means such as my birthdate, where I live, some questions about where I worked and lived previously etc.... there is no need to give out your SIN# over an unsecured line.
Would you so willingly give out your credit card info?

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 09/November/2010 at 5:17am

I appreciate your response Fed-Up but that is what the NSLSC system prompts the caller to do.   If you call 1-888-815-4514 you will be prompted to select 1 for English and then asked to input your social insurance number followed by the # and then it will ask you for your pin number.  You are then redirected pending your loan application status.

Posted By: PD
Date Posted: 09/April/2011 at 12:33pm
It is illegal to use your SIN number for identification purposes.  Do not input it or give it to them.  SIN #'s are specifically to be used only for preparing Canada Revenue Agency slips (taxes).  Phone the Executive Customer Service # 1-866-788-0388 for assistance.  If you are dealing with RAP-PD (permanently disabled).  Phone the regular #.  Keep punching 0 until you get a live person.  Do not give them any information no matter how many times and excuses they give you.  Keep asking to be transferred to the Canada Student Loans program until they do. 

I am now delinquent on my account through no fault of my own.  Have a history of mistakes being made on my file every six months.  But never to the point of being sent to collections.  I gave my SIN number but was transferred to Tri-Cura without my knowledge.  After arguing with a moron for almost an hour, that was when she told me she was in that department.  Her lack of knowledge of the program and outright lack of common sense was utterly amazing.  The icing on cake was when she told me I was not disabled and had never applied for RAP-PD.  Even though I am now on my third application under this program.  She told me I had to prove my disability.  They have no record of my being disabled.  Gee, if I am not disabled why do they have to enlarge all communication and forms to 24 font.  Why did I get grant money while going to school specifically for the permanently disabled?  Duh. 

Posted By: ErikaPayne
Date Posted: 07/June/2011 at 4:28am
Hi, yeah, I was actually induced into being late for my payment when i did a DRAP application.  They said that my payments would be put on hold until a decision had been made and then just kept stringing me along until the payment was a day late and sent it to Tricura.  I'm always curious to know who i'm dealing with so I did some research and it turns out that Tricura is owned by Nelnet, an American mega corporation that owns several student debt collection agencies, including the notorious Sallie Mae.  Nelnet's CEO's annual salary in 2009 was 5 million dollars.  Obviously a company like Nelnet that's traded on the NYSE and is obviously profitable wouldn't bother buying Tricura if it didn't think it could make money.  I just wrote an article about this on my  I hope it's okay that I plugged.  I'm really pissed off about this, seriously.

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 10/June/2011 at 10:19am
I too had another upsetting discussion with a member of Tricura this afternoon.  Being disabled myself I asked the woman on the other end if she could speak up because I could not hear her.  She then yelled very loudly "can you hear me now" in a condescending and sarcastic tone.  I felt like jumping through the phone and strangling her but instead I yell back "yes" hahaha.  Then to top it all off I asked her if the Provincial portion of my student loan had been processed and she said no and that they had no record of my student loan.  When I asked her if I could speak to someone else she simply said, "if you have lost it you will have to call another number to have it reissued".  I was livid so I called my university only to learn that they had verified with Resolve that yes my application had been received and that funding would be sent to me promptly.  I am still appalled at the severe level of incompetence of the regular staff at Resolve.  My gawd, something has to be done about this.

Posted By: crisist
Date Posted: 20/January/2012 at 11:56am
Hi everyone,

I am having the same issue here. I got a letter from Tricura stating that I owe 94$ immediately. This was 2 months after I finished university. I already applied for repayment assistance before I received this letter. I called the NSLSC office and asked them what this letter was about. They said they have bad news....that the damage has been done to my credit score but that the repayment assistance program already covered the payment. they said this damage is repairable but it will take a longer time to repair this. in order for that to happen, I have to improve my credit score.

I wasn't able to make payments for my loans while I was in school, I was unemployed. I find this really unfair....and I feel from what everyone else wrote here, that nothing can be done about this.

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 22/January/2012 at 5:44am
Hi Crisist,
I am sorry to hear you are having problems.  I still have dealings with the NSLSC reporting inaccurate information on my credit history.  I have written them repeatedly to correct the issue but it is no use.  I get one person on the phone and she will tell me one thing then the next day I will get another person on the phone and they will tell me something totally different.  I have even requested they send the information in writing so that I have something to fall back on and STILL the people at NSLSC do not get it right.  They don't know their ass hole from a fishing pole hahaha and I am the one that suffers for it.  Once I find out the correct regulating office I will post the information here for you to use too.

Posted By: crisist
Date Posted: 23/January/2012 at 7:49am
Hi Deb,

Thanks for replying to my post. I can only imagine what you and everyone else is going through. I forgot to mention that Tricura also tried getting money out of my account and Tricura is charging me 30$ for having insufficient funds in my bank account. It's illegal to withdraw money out of a peron's account without my permission or notification. I am going to call these a***holes again today and yell at them for this. There's no getting through to them. They try to sound like smart ass es all the time, every agent you call, it's the same deal over again. And NSLSC is useless to talk to about this because they are misinformed bout Tricura. In fact, a Tricura agent told me that NSLSC "cannot speak on behalf of Tricura" when I told Tricura that NSLSC covered my missed payment through the Repayment Program. Tricura said the payment wasn't covered and that I have to apply for their Repayment Program which is an Interest Relief Program. NSLSC told me that Tricura handles the repayment program and that they are the department of NSLSC. Now I told this to Tricura and they get all defensive and say NSLSC is separate from them and that i'm very confused and misinformed. Don't you think they should inform people of this information?

Well I wish you all the best in dealing with them and don't stop dealing with them. The other day I called them again and I hear their colleagues laughing and giggling in the background. I told my mom this and she said "they have fun while they make mistakes". So true. I hope Tricura gets shut down.

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 26/January/2012 at 4:32am

Hi Crisist,

When you sign your Student Loan document, whether electronically or in person, you are giving them the right to go into your account.  You actually have to call them and tell them that you DO NOT give them permission to access your account for credit purposes.  This will stop them from trying to take money out of your account.  Hope this helps.

Posted By: administrator
Date Posted: 27/January/2012 at 11:06am
And always a good idea to NOT use the account or bank where you deposited your student loans!  Go to another bank! 



Mark O'Meara

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 27/January/2012 at 12:19pm
I totally agree with the Administrator.  When you set up your direct deposit use an account that you specifically set up for your student loan and nothing else.  Have a separate account for your personal banking.  :)

Posted By: crisist
Date Posted: 27/January/2012 at 10:46pm
Thanks guys. Actually I set up an account only for good thing I thought ahead.

Posted By: jrpesklevy
Date Posted: 11/April/2019 at 10:52pm
They wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor either and girl frustrated me so much that I swore on the phone, not at her but she took it that way and shortly after hung up on me.

Posted By: 00Debbie00
Date Posted: 16/April/2019 at 9:06am
Over the last couple of years the staff is becoming increasingly rude.  Customer service used to mean something but no more.  If you say one thing that they don't like - and it can be anything - they will hang up on you.  They have the support of the government behind them so they don't fear job loss or recrimination for poor behavior.  They simply have you by the balls and they know it.
Don't give up.  Ask to have your complaint escalated to a supervisor if you find no satisfaction from those at the call center.  In truth they are only minions and some of the stupidest people employed these days.  Job security has made them arrogant and ignorant. 
I usually just hang up and keep calling back until I get a good one.  They are rare but they do exist.  Oh, and my advice is to never listen to just one of them.  I've call back as many as five time and got a different answer each time. 
Keep at it, eventually you will get the answers you need.  Good luck!

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