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Student loans STOLE my tax refund!!

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Topic: Student loans STOLE my tax refund!!
Posted By: Sunflower
Subject: Student loans STOLE my tax refund!!
Date Posted: 28/March/2009 at 9:05pm
WOW!!  I thought I was the only one with problems like this!

About 6 years ago I finally was making enough money not only to support me and my two kids, but to pay off my student loans.
I contacted the two banks and tried to make arrangements.  One accepted my $100 a month but the other (CIBC) wanted over $250 a month and there was just no way for me to afford that! 
They refused my offer of $100 a month as way too low! (I was earning $30000/year which translates to about $1700 a month take home)
After trying to reason with these unreasonable people, I simply put the $100 on the other student loan.  I even ended up paying the first loan off with a tax refund I got.
I then tried to contact the other people as they hadn't contacted me in a couple years....WHAT A MESS!
I got the same runaround as the previous posters.
Then the Student loans were taken over by some NB government department.  I tried to get info from them to no avail.  I haven't moved, I haven't changed my telephone nothing.  I haven't had even a letter from this department about this student loan.
This year I was to get a $5000 tax refund (I really need it job is finished the end of April)
but THEY took it for the loan!!

I thought they had to have really TRIED to contact you before they are allowed to just take your refund!!
Help!  I was really relying on that refund (I would part with some to them but not all)

As they haven't contacted me for well over 2 years AND I haven't move nor changed my phone number, don't I have any recourse???

Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 01/April/2009 at 6:50am
Please!!  SOMEONE tell me what / if anything I can do!!  I have called the NB Student loan # 4 Times and they keep saying they will call me back, however I never get a call.

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 01/April/2009 at 7:17am
You have to contact the party that has the lien anchored.

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Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 01/April/2009 at 7:26am
I Have!  I have been calling them for OVER a week!  (since I got the letter)
I havent' heard from them in like 5 or so years and poof all of a sudden they are taking my tax refund!
I havent' moved, I didn't know where to reach them 'cause it was at CIBC, but then NB student loans went to some government department and I tried to find them to no avail!!
They KNEW where to reach me and didn't bother....

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 01/April/2009 at 7:47am
They will simply tell you that the onus in on you to contact them. I feel your pain, but this system is what it is.

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Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 01/April/2009 at 8:06am
Well that stinks considering I had no idea WHERE to find them !!!
All I knew was that the student loans were being moved from the individual institutions to some place in the government.  I called the general inquiries # and no one had any clue what I was looking for....
I thought that the only way they could seize my tax refund was if they proved they had tried to collect to no avail.  Cripes, it's been like 5 or more years.  My job is ending, my house is falling apart and I have kids to feed and clothe!

Posted By: sweetnsmarttoo
Date Posted: 20/April/2009 at 1:04pm
They did the same thing to me last year, and will probably do it again this year- it seems like they are a law unto themselves. Every question and answer is different when it comes to the government policy and proceedures: Student loans told me to contact revenue canada and revenue canada told me to contact student loans. One of the websites states they can take up to 25 percent, when I called to confirm this I was told up to 100 percent.
What really really irks me is that they preach about helping out low income families yet they have roadblocks in place so no one can get out of the cycle of poverty. I have contaced my MPP not sure what good it will do, and revenue canada also has an appeals process you may want to look into. Good luck to you.


Posted By: Madmorrigan
Date Posted: 21/April/2009 at 10:32am
I think it would be highly unlikely that the government would be able to garnishee 100% of one's pay....

...but I agree the misinformation that continues is absolutely disgusting and has screwed more people than the program, itself.

Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 22/April/2009 at 3:33am
Madmorrigan, I don't think sweetnsmarttoo was saying 100% of wages.

They CAN take 100% of any tax refund you are to get and 100% of any GST cheques you are to receive. 

Personally, I think the way they conduct business is horrendous.  I could understand if they had been contacting me and were even able to be found; but the way they just dropped from sight, never contacted me and I could never find them....then ALL OF A SUDDEN, when I have a decent sized refund coming my way (that I had planned on as I had extra taken off each pay)  the swoop in and take it....


Posted By: Madmorrigan
Date Posted: 23/April/2009 at 10:48am
Originally posted by Sunflower Sunflower wrote:

Madmorrigan, I don't think sweetnsmarttoo was saying 100% of wages.

They CAN take 100% of any tax refund you are to get and 100% of any GST cheques you are to receive. 

I must have misunderstood--if we're talking a lien, then yes you're right--they can absolutely take 100% of refunds and GST because they've been taking 100% of mine for the last few years. I try to make sure I don't get too big of a refund because of it--dirty ****. Angry

If we're talking about garnisheement, then I'm almost positive they cap out at about 50% because I asked them (the government, not the lackey collection agencies) how much they could theoretically take if I was non compliant (never hurts to know what you're up against, eh?).

Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 24/April/2009 at 12:39pm
They'd better not take 50% of my income otherwise me and my kids will be on the street! 
I have done like you, Madmorrigan, I have now made my refunds the smallest possible because I get the tax savings on the pay cheque.  That won't matter in a couple of weeks though, as I have been laid off.  That tax refund that I was SUPPOSED to get would have helped me keep afloat for a couple months, but I didn't get it....

Posted By: sweetnsmarttoo
Date Posted: 27/April/2009 at 2:04pm
Yes it was income tax I was referring to, sorry if you misunderstood. And guess what they just took all of mine again this year. This time I called revenue canada who in turn told me to contact student loans, and so the story goes again this year. But I did however write to my MPP, the newspaper article that I sent out was attached. I plan on sending all of these letters again to EVERY PERSON IN THE MEDIA, AND GOVERNMENT. Maybe just maybe someone will actually give a darn. I will keep you posted.
Oh and I also recommened this site to media so they can see I am not the only one.
Here's a little bit of what I wrote.....

I am so sick and tired of hearing of yet another bailout from our "generous" government when they are still taking from the poor. Having lost my job and being a single mom is tough, but what really gets me is how my income tax is just taken away and given to student loans for a debt I cannot afford to pay. But if I had a 30 million dollar company I'm given grace and told no worries heres some more money till you get back on your feet. What really sucks is I see this happening OVER AND OVER again. Revenue Canada says. Can’t help money already gone, call Student Loans. Student  loans says. Sorry can't help. And my MPP never returned my calls, and funny thing is I am behind in everything and no way out. Why ? because my issues are not important to our government. Here is a website that is telling story after story about Revenue Canada, Canada Student Loans, and guess what no one helped them either. If I ever do come into money I would leave this country so fast, and I was born and raised here as was my parents and grand parents. It makes me sick how people are being treated. In my opinion there needs to be a full investigation as to how Canada Student loans can come up with there own rules as to how much they can take from a person living in poverty.

You want real HUMAN INTEREST go to


Posted By: MmeSaulsa
Date Posted: 30/April/2009 at 2:05pm

The SAME thing happened to my husband this year...CIBC stopped taking payments back in '05, and no one could figure out who to contact...he got the run around big time! Now, this year, they come out of nowhere and took his tax return$$$$$ and we sooooo needed it!!! 
I am in the process of writing to Mr.. Bernard Richard, the NB ombudsman about it, and about this lady who, after 3+ weeks, finally called my husband back(NB student loans office-f'ton)...he wasn't home, so she proceeded to tell me all my husbands business.....she had no idea who I was, asked no security questions, and my husband most cerrtainly did not give her permission to share with me, his personal info.  I feel that she may have trampled on the Privacy Act, and am going to call them on it!!!! It's a long process, but I want something done! My husband may be underemployed/underpaid, but he is most certainly entitled to all rights that other well paid Canadian's have!!! I worked at a bank for a few years, and man, did they ever grill you on your knowledge of the Privacy the same should go for civil servants and collection agency workers(had the same problem with NCO sharing his info).  
We have a long and steep mountain to climb, but we're determined and if they want our $$, they are gonna darned well work for it.....time to send emails and lots of phone calls.....I say give em a dose of their own medicine!

Mme Saulsa

Posted By: allennathan
Date Posted: 24/January/2010 at 2:29pm
They have been taking my student loan as well. I don't mind that they do because it is my debt.  But i am concerned that when I file with my spouse this year as common law they will take her tax return as well.  Does anyone know if they do or not?

Posted By: kadowswe
Date Posted: 11/February/2010 at 6:19am
No they wont take her's too.  I was worried about that when my husband and I first started filing jointly after we got married but they have never taken mine, just his.

Posted By: pantulr
Date Posted: 12/February/2010 at 7:17pm
My income tax refund will also be taken to cover my student loans. Will they keep all of the income tax refund even though a part of it is due to my dependent (child)? Does it also matter if I am in the low income bracket? How about the GST refund? Thanks.

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 13/February/2010 at 5:43am
If you are int he low income bracket you can appeal to the government to have the lien lifted temporarily. You may have to demonstrate hardship every so often but as long as you are experiencing it, it should be demonstrated. If you want help you can pop over onto my site and I will put something together for you.

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Posted By: Fed-Up
Date Posted: 18/February/2010 at 10:14am
To answer pantulr:
They take your income tax cheque and your G.S.T. cheques no matter your income bracket. As far as I know they won't take your Supplement for Working families (if you qualify), your baby bonus and/or the Canada Child Tax benefit if you have dependents under 6 and receive this. They never took mine.
The way I see it I can't miss money I never really had in the first place. They have been taking my income tax cheques and G.S.T. cheques for a number of years. I am happy to say though that those payments are helping my loan go down a bit faster above what I pay them monthly.

Posted By: dh calgary
Date Posted: 07/January/2011 at 12:21pm

Interesting concept. I think everyone is missing the point.

It is Party A who did not pay back a debt to Party B as agreed

Party B then has a debt to Party A. (tax refund)

Party B uses the debt to party A towards the amount owing

Party B is accused of stealing by Party A?

OK Party B is Canada Revenue Agency, but isn't the principal the same.

If someone owed me money & did not pay & I then later found I owed them some money, I wouldn't pay them the amount I owed them only to be left with the bad debt from them. That would be crazy. I don't think any of the writers would either.

Surely it is Party A who is in the wrong initially & if anything they are be more likely to be accused of "stealing" by not repaying the initial debt.

We all pay taxes too & none of us are owed a living, we should pay our way &  pay our debts, we cannot always expect to be baled out by the rest of society.

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 10/January/2011 at 9:08pm

If party A's intention is to frustrate the system then your argument makes sense. However, if Party A is financially unable to manage and repay the debt in the now and longer-term, and Party B insists on opressing Party A then your argument and opinion is no different than that of a CRA teamleader or collector who does not particularly like student loan borrowers.


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Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 11/January/2011 at 3:58am
I agree that no-one is owed a living etc.  However, I do believe in fair play and in assistance for those unable to repay debts like this immediately.

When the student loans were moved from the CIBC to this new gov't department, I could no longer find them.  I tried and tried--to o avail.  Suddenly when I can not afford it any longer (as I had lost my job) they came out of no where (3-4 years) and seized my tax refund.  That money was my survival $ until I could get another job and to fix things in my house that were falling apart.

I simply would have appreciated it if they would have sent me a letter in the time I was searching for them.  I had not moved and they had ALL my contact info, but simply didn't bother.

It is of no consequence any longer....I have finished paying my student loans as of December!! Big smile 

Still, it pisses me off that they 'disappeared' and then when I was most vulnerable, they swooped in for the kill.

Posted By: kes123
Date Posted: 15/February/2011 at 10:00am
hi all..i just recently requested all my t4s as i havent filed for my taxes since 2006..i hvae a student loan i havent been paying as i myself cant afford the monthly payments they that case i havent filed my taxes..crazy i question is will they automatically take my tax refund and gst owing to me for the last 4 years?? its going t be a good chunk of cash and i could use it right now as im unemplyed..tks

Posted By: Johnny
Date Posted: 15/February/2011 at 11:43am
If they have a lien anchored in on it then they will confiscate it.

Solve Student Debt specializes in solutions for students and graduates in student loan default, and those at risk of defaulting." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Sunflower
Date Posted: 15/February/2011 at 2:01pm
I'm sorry to inform you of this, but YES they will take all monies until the student Loan is paid in full. There is no real hiding from it, so if I were you, I would take care of it now.  

From what I understand, you will only be able to apply for 2 - 3 years of the GST credit. Unfortunately, CRA has indicated that they won't go back further.

Good luck!!

Posted By: KJF14
Date Posted: 04/March/2014 at 6:35pm
I'm really frustrated. I couldn't get an extension on my student loans, so it went to National Student Loans. From there, I contacted them, and explained my situation, we agreed on 160.00$ a month payments which I could afford, I even paid more every month. I was making 200$ payments. I was making the effort to pay them back and get caught up like we agreed, then I did my taxes today, and they took it all. Nearly 3,000$. I worked hard for that money, and its gone! It makes absolutely no sense to me, that we're paying the Queen 20 million dollars to visit Canada, and within a couple years she's spent it all. The Premier of Alberta can take a government jet to take her daughter and her friends on a personal trip. How she can take tax payers money and go to a funeral and refuse to claim any of the expenses. How we has a country can spend 8.1 million dollars on medals, that we give out to the biggest clowns ever, like Justin Beiber and Rob Ford. We're spending billions of dollars a year as a country, and are spending it so incorrectly. So I went to school to get an education to better my life, but now that I have, all my money is gone. Making me education almost pointless, then just when you get a glimmer of hope getting your tax return, poof gone! Even though you had been making the effort to pay it back! I've worked my butt off for the past year, and done really well for myself, but now I'm struggling tooth and nail just to get ahead. It's criminal really, there should be policing of taxations. Building your ecomony will never happen, if you're always kicking the little man, and spending tax payers money on the most retarded things you can find. I'm sick of paying for the stupidity of our politicians. 

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